Tasting of the Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleur with The Hine Cigar Reserve XO

RyJ Mille Fleur & Hine Reserve
By Gergely Horvath
No.6 Cavendish Store Manager
First I would like to introduce the cigar. The Mille Fleur from the iconic Romeo y Julieta brand was available as a machine made cigar for more than half a century until 2002, when it was discontinued, then reintroduced as a Totalmente a mano. Its Vitola de Galera is Petit Corona. The name translates to English means ‘thousand flowers’ and that might give you an idea of the flavour profile. And yes, it has an elegant floral bouquet.

The Hine Cigar Reserve XO is an exceptionally fine Cognac. It was created by Bernard Hine in cooperation with Nicholas Freeman, late Chairman of Hunters & Frankau. This great result was achieved by blending more than 20 eaux-de-vie, from the finest growing lands of Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois. The liquor has been aged for over a decade before it reached full maturity. It is rich, deep, and spicy, but most importantly perfectly balanced.

My cigar was perfectly rolled and preserved, so I was expecting about half an hour enjoyment, but it surprised me. I was smoking it for almost an hour and it never became too spicy and strong. I believe this is a promising sign of a fresh cigar. The flavour profile was typically Romeo y Julieta. Medium-bodied and full of floral aromas, a touch of gentle spice and a hint of cedar.

The Cognac was smooth on the palate, with gentle notes of fresh pepper, spice, and tobacco. Toasted nuts and woody aromas were counterbalancing the sweet fruity flavours. All the elements are perfectly integrated in this spirit.

This small Mille Fleur Cigar was perfectly complemented by the Hine Cigar Reserve XO Cognac, and I believe this pairing will work even better with an aged Petit Corona. I am looking forward to enjoying them again.

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