Chocolarder - Arhuaco 50% Milk

Chocolarder - Arhuaco 50% Milk

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A zero-carbon chocolate bar.

The cocoa is grown in true harmony with nature by the Arhuaco people in Colombia. Transported from Santa Marta to Falmouth on board De Gallant via sail power alone. Turned into chocolate using antique machinery and renewable power before being packaged completely plastic-free!

The Arhuaco People

The Arhuaco are indigenous people who live in Colombia. With over 50,000 people living in 52 settlements around the Sierra Nevada mountains, their land spans all the way from the snowy peaks to the sea.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta includes the highest mountain in Colombia at 5,775 meters above sea level. It also includes a biodiverse rainforest and is home to three indigenous communities, as well as countless species throughout all of the different terrains.

The Arhuaco believe it is their responsibility to look after the mountains they call their home and educate others to achieve a balanced relationship with the natural world.

There are so many farmers growing cocoa around the world, we’re always keen to support the ones who are going above and beyond for the planet. Being able to know the care that has been taken in growing, harvesting and the processing these beans makes it even more important to pop them on a sailing boat and bring them by water to less than a mile from our factory.

Tasting Notes

Comforting malt with flavours of strawberry and cream.


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar and whole milk powder.

Bean Varietal Businchari
Bean Origin Sierra Nevada, Colombia
Cocoa - 50%
Grind Length - 13hrs
Conch Length - 37hrs
Ageing - 14days

These cocoa beans were loaded onto their 120ft transport in Santa Marta, amongst mountains of shipping containers before most of us even knew of Covid-19. During their journey, the world went into lockdown and when the cargo was unloaded in Falmouth the warm welcome party consisted of just a handful of people, ready to unload 3,300 kg of cocoa beans, coffee and panela.


The Ship – De Gallant

In April the beautiful De Gallant sailed into Falmouth, to a very different reception than had been expected. A schooner, originally built in 1916 is now run by the Blue Schooner Company, she now spends her time shipping cargo around the world via sail.