Chocolarder - Cinnamon Toasted Nibs 72%

Chocolarder - Cinnamon Toasted Nibs 72%

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‘Nibs’ are simply pieces of cocoa bean with the shell and husk removed. The beans used for the nibs in this bar are a native variant from the Akesson owned Fazenda Sempre Firme plantation in Bahia, eastern Brazil.

The nibs are lightly caramelised to preserve their flavour and texture when folded into our Peruvian 70% chocolate, delivering intense bursts of complex cacao flavour through every bite.

Tasting Notes

Early notes of red fruit and hazelnut with a hum of toasted cacao nibs. Lingering caramel and earthy cocoa flavours finally give way to a final warming glow of cinnamon.


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar and cinnamon. 70g