Chocolarder - Cornish Honeycomb 50% Milk

Chocolarder - Cornish Honeycomb 50% Milk

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Master beekeeper Matt Pitt cares for his colonies of Cornish black bees by using sustainable methods that are stress and chemical free for the good health of his fuzzy compatriots.

He supplies us with fresh tree honey from which to make our own honeycomb, which delivers deep, heavy honey flavours and a pleasing crunch alongside our creamy milk chocolate.

Tasting Notes

Bursting with deep honey and toffee sweetness with a background of toasted hazelnut.


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar, milk powder, honey and bicarbonate of soda.

Bean VarietalChuno
Bean OriginSan José De Bocay, Nicaragua
Grind Length20hrs
Conch Length32hrs

Cornish Honey

In the springtime the Cornish hedgerows hum with the sound of bees doing their good work, so we looked for a Cornish beekeeper who could supply us with some delicious local honey from which to make our honeycomb.

Meeting Matt Pitt was a revelation to us. Not only could he readily supply the goods, he also came with an abundance of bee expertise and knowledge that turned our foodie interest into bee-vangelical fervour.

Matt keeps Cornish Black Bees, and is working hard to support and encourage their colonies to repopulate Cornwall. This breed of honeybee is naturally resilient to our climate, but numbers have significantly declined, largely due to human interference.

It’s estimated that there are now half the number of bees in the UK that were here just 20 years ago. Threats include non-traditional beekeeping methods and hive transportation that stress the colonies, the importation of non-native bees along with pests and diseases, and the loss of most of our wildflower meadows.