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Chocolarder - Ottange Farm 74% Dark

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Chocolarder - Ottange Farm 74% Dark has early bursting fruit notes quickly giving way to roasted nut flavours with a light sourness. A burst of flavours.

The Ottange farm is one of eight in the MAVA plantation in Madagascar, each farm has its terroir cacao with its own unique flavour profiles. The Ottange terroir is referred to as the slightly tangy “terroir”, and in 2017 had won the Cocoa of Excellence Awards at the Salon du Chocolat Paris.

This 74% Madagascan dark chocolate boasts a plethora of flavours and tastes. On the tongue it is sour, and as the cocoa butter begins to melt the flavours release – woody, grassy, caramel sweetness. The texture is slightly grainy and very fudgy. Nearing the finish is sharp fruits and coffee notes.

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