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Bolivar Gran Belicoso 2010

Bolivar Gran Belicoso 2010

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The figurado format of Gran Belicoso in this Habanos Collection deeply connects with the tradition of the brand. Today, the normal Bolívar range of sizes includes the Belicosos Finos Habano figurado that is one of its most representative examples.

With a blend that has carefully taken into consideration the complexity of richness that characterizes this brand flavour, this Gran Belicoso are ideal for the most special moments of enjoyment and full delight.

Brand: Bolivar

Vitola de Salida: Gran Belicoso

Vitola de Galera: Rodolfo

Size: Girth 54 (21.43 mm) and 180 mm in the length

Like the rest of the range of sizes of this brand, all these Habanos have been made totally by hand with selected leaves from Vuelta Abajo  plantations, the best tobacco region in Cuba, located in the province of Pinar del Rio.