Chichibu Red Wine Cask 2012

Chichibu Red Wine Cask 2012

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Chichibu Red Wine Cask 2012 Bottled 2020 5743 Cask Only 150 Bottles made

Chichibu Distillery is a very young distillery and a rising star in the Japanese whisky world. The winery was built in 2008. Its founder, Ichiro Akuto, once founded Venture whisky and Ichiro's Malt brand, and successfully packaged and operated the family's inventory of the winery, Hanyu. Old wine, and became popular, and then became famous internationally for its high-quality whiskey produced by its own Chichibu Distillery. For more details about Chichibu.

Chichibu Distillery-Chichibu 2012 Red Wine Cask TWE Exclusive (hereinafter referred to as C2012). This wine was selected by TWE barrels, distilled in 2012, and matured in barrel number. The 5743 Red Wine Cask, bottled in 2020, has an alcohol content of 62.9% ABV, a capacity of 700ml, and the number of bottles is 150 bottles.

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Kusuda Red Wine

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