Cohiba Piramides Limtied Edition 2006
Cohiba Piramides Limtied Edition 2006

Cohiba Piramides Limtied Edition 2006

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The Cohiba Piramides Edición Limitada 2006 is a highly covedeted Limited Edition Cohiba cigar. Announced in 2006, it eventually reached the international markets in 2007, making quite a sensation.

The 2006 Limited Edition cigars were in their sixth release since the program started in 2000. It was also the last year in which only the wrapper leaf was aged prior to rolling. From 2007 onwards, all parts of the cigars (binder, filler and wrapper) would be aged for a minimum of two years.

This Limited Edition Cohiba cigar is now smoking spectacularly well, producing some of the finest Cohiba tasting notes that aficionados worldwide can recognise as the unmistakeable Cohiba flavour.

Incredibly hard to find, the Piramides EL 2006 is not to be confused with its regular production counterpart, the Cohiba Piramides Extra, which is slightly longer and fatter (160mm x 54) versus 156mm by 52.

This Cuban Cigar is a must have for any cigar collector interested in adding a statement piece to their cellar.