Cuaba Piramides LE 2008
Cuaba Piramides LE 2008
Cuaba Piramides LE 2008

Cuaba Piramides LE 2008

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Cuaba Piramide Limited Edition 2008

The Cigar 

The first and so far only time that Cuaba has been selected to produce a Limited Edition and, in a move that surprised many, the first time a Cuaba was produced that was not in the double figurado shape. A collectors idem for sure.

FLAVOUR: Medium to Full
VITOLA: Piramide
LENGTH: 6 1/8 Inches / 156mm

Each year Habanos S.A. in Cuba releases a number of exceptional cigars known as Ediciónes Limitadas, or Limited Editions.

Since 2000 when the first series of four Limited Edition cigars was presented, a further three to five releases have been made annually, except in 2002. The year of release is identified on a second band.

The characteristics of Limited Editions are that they are made by the most celebrated cigar houses in Havana, in rare sizes, using dark coloured wrapper leaves and extra aged tobaccos.

The production run for each cigar takes place within a limited period, usually during the year for which it is designated.