Davidoff Millennium Lancero
Davidoff Millennium Lancero

Davidoff Millennium Lancero

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The famed 151 wrapper was once the preferred format for appreciating the "Millennium Blend Lancero." Now, the Davidoff Millennium Lancero Limited Edition Collection allows smokers to once again experience its balanced taste.

The elegantly long Lancero presents an intense yet refined taste experience. At the start of the cigar, daring notes of oak wood and coffee accompany aromas of sweet prunes. In the second third, dark chocolate complements intense bouquets of almonds and white pepper. As the cigar approaches its grand finale, pronounced flavours of peat are finished with piquant white pepper and liquorice.

This 40 RG x 7" lancero Limited Edition Collection cigarette is optimal for a whisky-based cocktail, bringing together notes of oak wood, dark chocolate, and liquorice to provide a medium-intense and sophisticated experience.

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