Davidoff Signature No.1 Limited Edition 2023 Single Stick
Davidoff Signature No.1 Limited Edition 2023 Box
Davidoff Signature No.1 Limited Edition 2023 outside box cover

Davidoff Signature No.1 Limited Edition 2023

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Davidoff Signature No.1 Limited Edition 2023

The Cigar

This is where the story began. The first of a thousand pages of pleasure for cigar aficionados across the world and across the decades. In 1969, as Apollo 11 blasted off for the moon, Davidoff launched its Classic Number One. Christened a Classic and destined to be a classic. This was the iconic format, the panetela larga which defined the Davidoff difference. Smoothness had reached new heights and new lengths. Here was a cigar which was luxuriously long, slender but mild and aromatic. Indeed, its aromas were instantly recognisable. This was a statement of how Davidoff would do things differently. Not different to be different. Different to be better.

The Davidoff signature had been written on the world of cigars. Fittingly then that the Classic No. 1 should be reborn as the Signature No. 1 Limited Edition. The format and blend have been lovingly re-crafted by our rollers half a century later. The construction is, as it always was, immaculate from start to finish. Consistency is how we have always rolled.

The flavours are as subtle and enchanting as ever. The intermingling of barley, cream and cedar wood cannot be put into words but somehow has been put into a cigar. Once again everyone has the opportunity to enjoy one of the best loved cigars in the cigar world. Each one is a tale with twists and turns, sensations developing like the most compelling of plots.

Like any classic novel, you will not want to put it down.

The Fillers are all Dominican paired with an Ecuadorian Hybrid 151 Seco Binder and a Ecuadorian Connecticut Wrapper.

Format: Panatela Larga
RG: 39
Length – 7 ½"
Strength – 2/5
Pairing suggestion: The Signature line is best enjoyed with an aromatic milky coffee. The cigars’ smooth, creamy aromas of barley, cream and cedar wood make them perfect to fill every occasion, and every moment, beautifully.