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Havana Club Cigar Ashtray Bottle Green (Egoista)

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Egoista Single Ashtray Bottle Green is a beautiful classic ashtray perfect for your coffee table. Its design is simple but elegant.

The Havana Club Collection production line was created in 1997 by Edicions Cara Cara and directed by Jean Baudot in Toulouse, France, which in accordance with Havana Club International,  developed an original line of ashtrays and accessories for cigar smokers.

The characteristics shared by all items in this line, which has become a market leader, are the following:

- Ashtrays and humidors made of glazed ceramics
- All displaying the Havana Club brand in embossed

The Havana Club Collection has enchanted a large number of cigar aficionados with its range of elegant and practical designs, directly inspired by the Cuban art of good living.