Foursquare Diadem 12 Years Old TWE Exclusive, rum, fine spirits, premium drinks

Foursquare Diadem 12 Years Old TWE Exclusive

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70cl / 60%

This is the second exclusive bottling for the Whisky Exchange from Barbados' Foursquare distillery. Named Diadem - a type of crown or headband worn by monarchs as a sign of royalty - this rum is definitely a crown jewel. A single traditional blended rum( from pot and column stills), this has been aged for 12 years in ex Bourbon and ex Madeira casks.


Crême brûlée and freshly polished leather; lardy cake and fresh paint; sugar-dusted sultanas and polished oak: a careful balance of sweet and savoury. Freshly peel bananas and spiced sponge cake develop along with roasted pineapple and brown sugar.


Coffee-covered banana fritters to start, with the toffee notes gradually getting both more singed and fruity: baked apples, overripe pineapples and squishy bananas. Char notes build to balance the sweetness, with an accompaniment of bittersweet dark chocolate.


Singed toffee notes fade to reveal more roasted banana and dark chocolate.