Plantation Multi Island XO 70 cl/46.5 %

Plantation Multi Island XO 70 cl/46.5 %

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Nose : It starts with a pastry profile on raisin, apricot, coconut and caramel and then evolves on rose, orange blossom, nutmeg and ginger. In short, a very fruity and spicy cake.

Palate : Fat and full, it follows the nose with a tad more oaky and peppery profile at first. Thereafter it evolves on baked pear, honey, Muscat grape, pineapple and cloves.

Finish : Very long and fresh with minty notes, also fruity notes of prune, mango, orange, licorice, vanilla and fresh tobacco.


Alc./Vol. : 46.5%

Origin : Barbados & Jamaica

Distillery :

Barbados : West Indies Rum Distillery

Jamaica : Long Pond Distillery & Clarendon Distillery

Raw material : Molasses

Fermentation :

Barbados : 3-4 days

Jamaica : 4 to 14 days

Distillation : Pot Still & Column Still

Tropical Ageing : several years in Bourbon casks

Continental Ageing : 1 year in Ferrand casks

Maturation : 1 year in Côteaux du Layon wine cask