Plasencia Year of the Ox Special Edition

Plasencia Year of the Ox Special Edition

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In Chinese culture, beef is valued for its role in agriculture and its positive qualities such as hard work and honesty. The Plasencia family is known for the same characteristics and is very happy to celebrate the Year of the Ox. To do so, they have created an incomparable masterpiece in the shape of Solomon, made with 100% tobacco harvested by the Plasencia family: from the seed to the production of the cigar.

Folded tobacco leaves
“Understanding the past opens the doors to the future.”

Faithful to this philosophy, Plasencia has rediscovered an ancient technique for ageing tobacco. The packaging leaves are carefully selected and gently folded to age in order to maintain an impeccable appearance. It has taken many years for the result of the ageing process to meet the requirements of perfection. This high quality cigar is made from tobacco whose seeds have been continuously selected and harvested year after year.

Aromatic profile Plasencia Year Of The OX Special Edition
The Plasencia Cigars Master Blenders team has created a perfectly balanced cigar with a perfect finish, perfect combustion and the incomparable taste of Nicaraguan tobacco. The Plasencia Year Of The OX Special Edition offers an incomparable smoking experience with initial notes of cashew nuts, red fruits with final notes of milk chocolate with a hint of peppermint.

Special Edition (Limited Edition)
From the Plasencia Limitada du Buffalo Year, 20,000 Plasencia Year Of The OX Special Edition cigars were rolled and distributed to the Asian and European markets.