S.T Dupont Butanes Gas Red For Defi Extreme 75 ml

S.T Dupont Butanes Gas Red For Defi Extreme 75 ml

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Keep up the momentum of prestige with compatible lighter refills and flints for your S.T. Dupont model and reuse it with ease. Our refills have the dual advantage of working both for the lifespan of your cigar lighter and the well-being of the planet. The gas contained inside these refills is in line with the Maison’s tradition and durability while remaining as friendly to the environment as possible.

The benefits of S.T. Dupont refills

It is necessary to follow the precautions for use to easily refill your luxury item. These products are part of an enhanced line-up of premium cartridges and can be installed rapidly in your lighters, offering increased safety during use. The steps are simple, but caution is advised for optimum results.