S.T Dupont Cigar Cutter Maxijet Chequered Chrome

S.T Dupont Cigar Cutter Maxijet Chequered Chrome

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Since 1872, S.T. Dupont has been creating ultra-premium cigar accessories for the world’s elite. This new generation of cigar cutters teams expertise with highly engineered function, spring-loaded mechanisms and razor-sharp blades for a perfect cut time after time. Available in a durable chrome finish, our chequered Maxijet cigar cutter will serve you well for years to come.


DIMENSIONS 46 x 70 x 10mm



 S.T. Dupont’s accessories are crafted by our artisans with the utmost care.

We recommend following these care tips to maintain their shine over time:

Clean all surfaces with a soft cloth. Do not use solvent-based products.


• Sharpening the blades of our cigar cutters is not recommended.