Trinidad Casilda Coleccion Book 2019
Trinidad Casilda Coleccion Book 2019

Trinidad Casilda Coleccion Book 2019

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Habanos S.A. every year present a very special and impressively large cigar in a book collection. The name of this special series is "Colección Habanos", which already indicates who this edition, it is aimed at: Habanophile collectors of cigar gems.

There are only 3,000 individually numbered books worldwide and despite the high prices, the select few are lucky enough to own such a book. 

The Trinidad brand was chosen for this Colección Habanos because it celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019. Like all cigars from the Colección Habanos, the Trinidad Casildas are absolute top products and are undoubtedly among the best that are made in Cuba. The mixture corresponds to the typical characteristic of the Trinidad brand, which is characterized by its smoothness and balance with an impressive abundance of flavors. Here, the choice of absolute top tobacco and the large format create a very special taste impression.

The boxes contain 24 pieces of these magnificent cigars.

Popular Vitola: Casilda
Factory Vitola: Casilda
Ring Gauge: 53
Cigar Length: 185 mm / 7.2 inches
Body: Medium