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Romeo y Julieta Nobles

The Romeo y Julieta Línea de Oro marks the first time Habanos S.A. has created a sub-brand within Romeo y Julieta marca. It will be offered in three sizes: Dianas, Hidalgos and Nobles. Línea de Oro translates to gold line and the bands for the cigars prominently feature a gold colour.

Plasencia Cosecha 149 La Vega

The Plasencia Cosecha 149 showcases Nestor Andrés Plasencia vast array of tobacco, this time the focus of the Plasencia Cosecha 149 blend is consisting solely of Honduran tobacco. Not just any Honduran tobacco, but Plasencia’s 149th harvest, which happened in 2014. Now that the tobacco has had seven years to age, the Plasencia’s have turned it into something special. The Plasencia Cosecha 149 is blended with a wrapper from Olancho, San Agustín, a binder from Jamastran and mix of filler tobaccos from Jamastran, Talanga and Olancho. The Cosecha 149 is made in Honduras at the Plasencia’s Tabacos de Oriente factory and delivers a medium to full bodied smoke.

Partagas Legados EL 2020

First previewed at the 2020 Habanos Festival, the Partagás Legado measures 6 1/8 inches by 48 ring gauge (a size called Hermosos No. 2 in Cuban factories) and comes in boxes of 25. We can't wait for this Cigar to hit the shelves!


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